Miriam's Art Work & Mimento

Miriam turned even the simplest gesture of sending a greeting card into something special,
always taking the time to make individual cards for everyone. Before her death she had hoped
to start her own business, Mimento, producing handmade cards. Her family have taken up this
idea and hope to develop it further. For more information please visit:


All proceeds from the sale of the cards will be donated to the Miriam Hyman Memorial Fund
which is currently supporting the work of ORBIS UK (Charity No. 1061352), a charity which
aims at eliminating avoidable blindness globally, helping people to see clearly again.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dedicated to Miriam

I will always have the happiest and fondest memories of Miriam as one of those special lights that comes into one's life and effortlessly makes a difference. We first met at the BBC about five years ago and thereafter shared many special occasions, laughs and joy filled moments together. As a freelancer after the BBC, Mim not only offered expertise and experience to her clients, but the warmest of personalities and the biggest, most beautiful of smiles.

I was excitedly on my way to meet Mim for lunch on the day of the bombs and like everyone else, have spent a long time in a state of complete disbelief, shattered and mourning the tragic loss of such a special woman.

On a happier note however, I learnt much from Mim that will stay with me forever and there was always much that inspired me through being with her. Her encouragement in the early stages of writing my second book meant a great deal to me, and so the book is fondly dedicated to her memory and to the wonderful enthusiasm and support that she always showed for everyone else's interests and endeavours.

As Mim was a fond lover of cherries, there are two newly planted cherry trees in the front garden of our new house in the country. They are planted in your honour Mim and their welcome and beautiful blossom will always be a profound reminder of all that you stood for and of what a complete joy you were to be with and to have as a friend.

You will be eternally in my heart and in my fondest, love filled memories. I feel truly honoured and blessed to have had you in my life. Bless you Mim.

Sarah Dixon (nee Hopper)


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