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Miriam turned even the simplest gesture of sending a greeting card into something special,
always taking the time to make individual cards for everyone. Before her death she had hoped
to start her own business, Mimento, producing handmade cards. Her family have taken up this
idea and hope to develop it further. For more information please visit:


All proceeds from the sale of the cards will be donated to the Miriam Hyman Memorial Fund
which is currently supporting the work of ORBIS UK (Charity No. 1061352), a charity which
aims at eliminating avoidable blindness globally, helping people to see clearly again.

Monday, September 19, 2005

A Memorial Plaque

I never knew Miriam but I felt I did thru Ester....I am in Australia and was devestated for Esther ad her family when I heard about their tragic loss. I hand carved a Memorial Plaque for Esther and her Family something that captured Miriam and would last a lifetime.

Miriam's image is carved directly into the timber her skin colour the timber itself.... I posted this to Esther a couple of weeks after the tragedy in a hope that she would see that even her friends over the other side of the world were thinking of her and loved her.

Alot of love went into the making of this plaque...And just knowing that it helped Esther even a little bit, was worth every minute spent on it.

This plaque is a Norfolk Pine solid timber canvas, with a Rosewood hand made frame surrounding it. It is coated in a glass resin which will never let her image fade. The image is carved from her photo.

Jane Drage - November 2005


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