Miriam's Art Work & Mimento

Miriam turned even the simplest gesture of sending a greeting card into something special,
always taking the time to make individual cards for everyone. Before her death she had hoped
to start her own business, Mimento, producing handmade cards. Her family have taken up this
idea and hope to develop it further. For more information please visit:


All proceeds from the sale of the cards will be donated to the Miriam Hyman Memorial Fund
which is currently supporting the work of ORBIS UK (Charity No. 1061352), a charity which
aims at eliminating avoidable blindness globally, helping people to see clearly again.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Miriam – our friend

It is hard to put into words what Miriam meant to her friends. For many of us it is only in grief that we are able to fully recognise the impact of her friendship.

Miriam’s priorities in life were, quite simply, her family and her friends.

Attentive, loving, loyal, caring to a fault – she was, without a doubt the best friend we could ever wish for and the nicest person we know.

And how many friends!

They say you can count your true friends on one hand. Miriam had close friends outnumbering her fingers and toes. Throughout her short life she amassed friends like a magnet. And she kept them too.

Many of her friends date back from primary school. There are friends from Copthall, Hebrew Classes, university, an A-level revision course in France, Israel Camp, her places of work – Quarto and the BBC, from places she freelanced, and, as was so often the case, the friends-of-friends she embraced on the way. And for those of us with children she was the most doting aunt too. And with each friend the contact was constant and she knew and cared about every detail of our lives.

How can one small, gentle woman extend her touch so far?

She saw the good in everyone and was never afraid to praise people. We will miss her generous words.

In our society today “niceness” is not a virtue often cited. So often we measure success in terms of the career you have, the car you drive, your marital status, the home you own……none of these mattered to Miriam. A truly successful person is one who cares about how you treat others and how you make them feel about themselves. And Miriam achieved this over and over again. Miriam was the highest achiever we know in the most important areas of life and she is a lesson to us all.

Her family and close friends have been overwhelmed by the emotion and love pouring out from all over the world from those touched by this incredible woman.

If there is anything positive to come from this it must be that we all take a bit of Miriam with us along the way. In the days following July 7th her spirit has most certainly been with us. There we were supporting each other and Miriam would certainly be proud of us all.

We don’t know what we will do without her. The enormity of our loss has not sunk in. Miriam, we love and respect you and always will.

Read at Miriam’s funeral by her friend Judith Vandervelde


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