Miriam's Art Work & Mimento

Miriam turned even the simplest gesture of sending a greeting card into something special,
always taking the time to make individual cards for everyone. Before her death she had hoped
to start her own business, Mimento, producing handmade cards. Her family have taken up this
idea and hope to develop it further. For more information please visit:


All proceeds from the sale of the cards will be donated to the Miriam Hyman Memorial Fund
which is currently supporting the work of ORBIS UK (Charity No. 1061352), a charity which
aims at eliminating avoidable blindness globally, helping people to see clearly again.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Our Beautiful Miriam

Read by her friend Katie Cooper
at Miriam's funeral, July 17th 2005

My life, like many many others, was profoundly touched by Miriam, and sitting here today, who can understand this tragedy. Questions of ‘why’ can not be answered.

Such a good person taken by such evil. The contrast is so blatant. So ironic. Diametrically opposite. Good and evil.

I personally go back with Miriam for over 20 years. Always a constant in my life. Always my support, my friend, my companion. The person who made me see clearly, made me appreciate little things, made me laugh, made me feel special. I will miss her.

Let me share with you some memories – light-hearted perhaps – but something personal that can make us smile and remember who she was. How we laughed in the South of France and ate Strawberry cake with Mavis and John, sunbathing by the pool on holiday getting too brown and laughing at our strap marks. How she always topped up her peppermint tea with a little cold water. Our annual meetings to decide what birthday presents to by give each other followed by a second meeting in which we exchanged them. Numerous new years’ eves laughing and partying but always aware of each others whereabouts, caring where each other was. Smoking the illicit cigarette. Stifling our giggles in the school library trying not to be discovered. Sharing a bed, top to toe at 10 Holyoake Walk. Painting in the sun in the garden with John. Many, many shopping trips. Buying Mavis a treat in the cake shop on our way home. Home made birthday cards for everyone – taking the time and effort – making something so mundane and turning it into something so personal – that was Miriam – she was a giving person and she always made you feel special – her sole focus – caring and supportive.

It is rare to find a friend like that. So much history. But so much joy. Looking back remembering the good times. Remembering the laughter. Such wonderful memories. Let us never forget these times and think how lucky we are to have had them. How her life gave us all such pleasure, how we can remember her wonderful qualities and use them to create a better future. To be positive.
We have the strength to carry on – to look to the future – to create such good out of such evil and wrong doing. Let us keep her name alive and use it to make someone else’s world better – something Miriam would always do. Join me in remembering her and allow yourself to smile at something she said, something she did, and share it so that we may never forget.

Mavis, John and Esther – our thoughts will be with you always.


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